Openoffice Slow:

I uninstalled the trial version of MS-Office as it was pathetically slow on Vista Home Premium on both the systems. Now I am proud user of. sp=sharing. Just imputing into a single cell makes the sheet freez for 20 minutes. I am used to it. The Apache OpenOffice User Forum is an user to user help and that the the vlookups in the spreadsheet will slow the process exponentially.

By chance, I moved the document onto another operating system without the Adobe font—the document had much less slow down (maybe Writer opens docs quickly but the Open Office Spreadsheet takes about 60 seconds to open a doc. Is there anything it may be waiting on?. Open Office ver on Mac OS El Capitan ver Did you mean to save it to my computer and then see how fast/slow it opens and.

When I go to open OOO it is very slow whereas Excel is almost instant. I am assuming you are talking about launching with an.

Hello, I am trying to download OpenOffice installer from I'm not sure because of the slow download speed, the download will fail during. If there's one thing that's really annoying about OpenOffice, it's the fact that it's so darn slow at starting and occasionally just simply freezes due. Speed up OpenOffice. If you're an OpenOffice user, you've undoubtedly encountered the open source office suite's painstaking slow load up and the occasional freeze-up/stall. The Zolved weblog recommends making changes to the default settings in the "Memory" portion of OpenOffice's options dialog to speed things up.

Has anyone had this problem? I upgraded from Kubuntu to It was a fresh install of kubuntu, although I did leave a windows partition.

My biggest complaint that I have when using Open Office is the speed of the application. It loads terribly slow for instance and it only topped by.

Open Office very very slow. I have been running CALC via OpenOffice and LibreOffice for a few years. I do hit problems sometimes with one or.

I have started using Open Office in and switched to LibreOffice as soon as . Libre Calc is just SLOW at opening certain large Excel files. I have OpenOffice installed on Ubuntu but it is so slow when opening any document and when saving documents that I would like to. By contrast, OpenOffice and NeoOffice work great and are fast. I would like to stick with LibreOffice, but I hope these issues can be fixed.

The solution is to remove the file content indexation on the hard drive: right mouse click on the hard drive - select properties - unset "Allow files.

Openoffice under Linux - slow font rendering. I found that running Openoffice on a fairly old laptop (MHz, Neomagic XL+) became intolerably slow (it. Bug - FILEOPEN - FILESAVE: very slow opening and freeze The same happens with Apache Openoffice Platform (if different. I'm playing with the module OpenOffice and trying to extract some info from a Much more slow than doing it directly with the mouse.

2 Mar - 4 min - Uploaded by linux made simple This video shows how to increase the memory of LibreOffice if you are working with big. After some more research I finally confirmed this link work around my problem answer to my question. So it's my NAS has the NFS bug, whilst. Short tutorial explaining how to solve OpenOffice Impress slideshow slowness by disabling hardware acceleration and anti-aliasing, plus other.

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